What’s Up In Apps!


Management: Evernote

Evernote dons an adorable elephant logo and packs a big punch to managing all of the little bits and pieces of information that cannot be lost. This app shines when it’s linked to its desktop and mobile capabilities: a web clipper for online notes, notebooks for organizing recipes and receipts, tags for searching, and more.

Simply create a notebook for any project and begin filling the pages with all of the information you need (without using a single piece of paper)! Planning resident events has never been easier.

Cost: Free

Productivity: EasilyDo

The days of procrastination are over with this intelligent, beautifully designed mobile application. EasilyDo is an elegant, no nonsense reminder app that can be linked to multiple accounts for birthday, event and e-mail notifications. Meetings are no longer a pain with ample notification settings, including map and travel time for any commute on your calendar. The “Do It” button makes easy work of contacting friends, family, and coworkers before it’s too late. Birthdays, event planning, and deadlines are a breeze.

Cost: Free

News: Newsify

The newspaper has come a long way to reach our extremely small mobile screens, and Newsify aims to be our new favorite reading device. All blogs, news sites, and websites can be found on Newsify. Customizable topics and search functions make your news feed experience completely individual to your interests. Stay connected to the most recent news with Newsify’s refresh function, displaying any article without formatting issues.

Share newsworthy events with friends, your team, or by favoriting to place a bookmark for reading later.

Cost: Free

Community Outreach: Gravy

When it comes to resident outreach, we all need inspiration sometimes. Gravy is a local event tracking app that makes easy work of reaching out to your apartment community. Need an event suggestion for residents looking to enjoy a classy evening out in the city? Use the search function on Gravy’s map to find the perfect event suggestion on your next announcement. Take advantage of the extensive search tags to customize your community outreach and make your conversations with residents meaningful.

Hosting a cupcake social for resident retention? Use Gravy to mention the wine tasting event happening shortly after your event, or an art showing downtown.

Cost: Free

Quick Inspiration: HaikuJAM

Think outside the box when you’re stuck on inspiration, motivation, or just feeling stuck. HaikuJAM is a unique take on poem writing, with a focus on collaborative communication. Simply create the first line for your haiku, and someone else will continue it for you. A new photo feature is creating a brand new form of communicating with others. Start by sharing your photo, and another user will “stack” their photo on top of your original photo. Finally, a third photo creates a picture sandwich of sorts to create a new and meaningful image.

After appreciating the beauty of the world around us, you’ll be unstuck in no time!

Cost: Free

Communication: Slack

Finding time to bring everyone together outside of work hours can be tumultuous. Slack creates the powerful environment for productive conversations with no time limit. Planning an event for retention and need your creative team’s input? Simply start a channel, or conversation, and everyone can chime in. Images, files, and other sources of inspiration are shared freely with the group on Slack.

Need inspiration from others? Public channels exist that are dedicated to sharing images under a certain channel topic: #party, #holiday, and #diy are just a few of our favorites.

Cost: Free

The Life Saver: IFTTT

Forgot the package you were meaning to send today? Need a reminder when a meeting is months away? Let IFTTT keep you in check with an innovative reminder-if design. This app is a true life saver by creating settings that remind and update you about the little things.

For instance, this app can automatically set the thermostat at any setting with the touch of a button. Create easy schedule reminders for the office and team.

Cost: Free