Trivia Posts Increase Sense of Community


Only 30 percent of residents expect their apartment community to have a Facebook page, according to a study conducted by Kingsley Associates for the National Multihousing Council.  If you do have a community Facebook page, get more involvement by hosting Trivia Sweepstakes.

The responses can help you determine which amenities residents use the most (and, thereby, where to invest your money in maintenance and expansion).  And, if implemented correctly, your Facebook page can really increase your sense of community with residents — and sense of community rates high on desired apartment amenities.

Post These Questions and Pay Attention to The Replies. Small gifts for the winners ($10 Starbucks card, giant bag of M&Ms, etc.) are great incentives to get responses.  Here are sample posts to try:

Which piece of exercise equipment do you use most in the fitness center?

Which of the following was the most important factor to you when looking for your apartment?
A. Location
B. Size
C. Price

Which floor do you prefer to live on?
A. Top
B. Middle
C. Bottom

What are you most thankful for?

If you had to change one thing about our apartment community, what would it be?

October 9th is Decorate Your Office for Halloween day.

What’s the ONE must-have decoration that makes you think of Halloween?

Your favorite scary movie is?

What’s your favorite Halloween Chocolate?

October 25th is Make a Difference Day.  What can we do to make a difference for you?

November 19th is National Pop Tart Day.  What’s your favorite kind of Pop Tart?

December 6th is Coats and Toys For Kids Day Kickoff and Mitten Tree Day.  Please donate Coats, Toys and Mittens for kids.  (Either in your office or post the nearest location for drop off.)

Of course remind residents to “FALL BACK” on November 2nd!

Please let us know the posts that got the biggest response!