The Madonna Approach: Say What You Need


What is it that you want? You might be surprised by how many people in this world have no idea how to answer that question. We focus so often on the things that are disappointing us, making us unhappy, or angering us that we lose sight of our own goals. Without an endpoint, we cannot create a map to our success.

Once you finally do know what you want or where you’re going, the challenge of asking other people arises. If you don’t know who to ask to get what you want, then start asking people who they think you should talk to. If you’re not asking for what you want because of pride, that’s a tougher problem to fix, because you have to make a decision whether or not your pride is more important than your goal. (Psst! Your pride should always be second to your goals!)

We challenge you to take the Madonna approach daily: Figure out what you want when you wake up, and start asking for it, either verbally or through your actions. Do you want to get deposits today? Time to ask for them. Do you want a promotion? Time to ask what it’s going to take to get you one. Do you want a resident to stay? Figure out what the hot buttons are to keep them and ask them to stay. If you want it, ask for it!

Here are some quick ideas to give you a jumpstart. Think of 14 goals to achieve in 2014.

1. Ask yourself, “Do I really want this?”
2. Is this goal consistent with your beliefs and other goals?
3. Can you really commit yourself to this goal or is it wishful thinking?
4. If you achieve this goal, will it really make you happy?
5. Take action towards your goal every day and keep it in the forefront of your mind.