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Resident Event – Soda Float Social


Whenever the weather starts to warm up, residents tend to emerge from their homes and become more social. This is a great time to get them more connected with their community. Of course, this is also often your busiest time of the year, so my number one tip for you is to plan the next three months of resident activities now. This means putting them on your calendar for a good time of the month (for example, not the first week of the month), and creating reminders for each task that is needed, and it also means utilizing your teams’ strengths to maximize impact and create a sense of ownership.

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Days & Days


Fast, easy and inexpensive ways to lease apartments, motivate residents, excite prospects and allow YOU to have fun at work.


International Creativity Month
Coffee houses are centers of creativity, so grab a weekend day this month and turn your cabana into creativity central. Invite residents to come in and share their gifts, whether they be writing, art, or performance poetry. Grab some comfy cushions and set out some yummy drink mixes and delicious creamers, or, if you have the budget to support it, hire a barista for the day.

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