Get Togethers: Events For Residents – Downloadable BOOK


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Rent and Retain Get-togethers is the ideal book for property managers who want to host easy resident events and not have them cost a lot of money or take a lot of time.

Aimed to empower you to throw an event that appeals to all of your residents, the activities are doable and the themes aren’t cheesy (okay, some are cheesy) and will help even the most shy residents feel more comfortable attending.

Filled with good advice and ideas on a month to month basis, this book also has tons of basic information on things like how much to serve, easy and cheap events to throw, and a checklist and a timetable to make sure you don’t forget anything. Please check with your attorney and insurance provider before implementing any of the ideas. This is a FUN book — but if the ideas are implemented, you’ll see an improvement in your renewals and referrals.

Download it now for everything you need to make your next bash a sweet, sweet success!  131 pages