Rent & Retain Magazine’s April, May, June 2014

Rent & Retain Magazine’s April, May, June 2014 issue has been mailed.

Hey- speaking of issues, our newest issue, the April, May, June issue has been mailed. If you haven’t gotten it in the mail yet, you will in the next 5 days. This one features all of this and more:

Seven Secrets to
Generating More Likes On Instagram
page 5

The Ethics of Excellence by Alex Jackiw
page 12

What Other Managers Are Doing
pages 6-7

Fair Housing Reminder
page 9

The 4 “P’s” of Sales Credo
page 18

First Impressions – make ’em better pages 32-33.

Our Award-Winning Calendars of Leasing, Marketing, Facebook and Retention Promotions, starts on page 20

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