How to Present a New Idea to Your Boss


Often times we as on site team members come up with killer ideas but present them to our Manager or Regional Managers poorly. Here are a few tips on how to turn your kick butt idea into a kick butt success story:

  • Be Prepared! Think about your idea and gather as much detailed information as possible. Having an idea is great, but know what tools you’ll need in order to implement it.
  • Get Organized! Create a list of items you will need to execute your idea. If your idea requires you to buy supplies, go price them out. Create an outline of tasks that need to be completed.
  • Ask Yourself! What will need to be done in order to make it happen? How much will it cost? Where will the money come from? Who on your team can help, and what are their talents? Think of every possible scenario, and prepare yourself to answer any question your Manager or Regional Manager may have. Having as many answers as possible can help paint the best imaginable picture for your boss.
  • Prepare Yourself! Before you present it, run through the idea, checklists, and outlines one more time. Feel confident and be excited! The idea you are about to present is yours! Own it!
  • Go, go, go! Knock your boss’s socks off!

Here is an example from my own experience: One day while out on a tour with a prospect, I was selling them on the features of the community, nearby restaurants, and shopping. They seemed excited about the dining options, so when we arrived back to the office I gave them a few lunch spot suggestions and sent them on their way (not before going in for the close of course!) After they left I got to thinking about lunch, and an idea came to me: Why couldn’t I provide my prospects with lunch? I immediately grabbed my note pad and started jotting down ideas. That’s when it hit me: I could go to local restaurants and ask them to donate gift cards for my prospects! Doing this would allow me to send them to lunch or dinner after touring my property, leaving a lasting impression on my prospects and limiting the time they had to spend shopping my comps.