Goals for a Better Year of Property Management Growth


A new year inspires new goals, and we’d like to suggest a few for you that we believe might make for a great year! If you pick even one of these to focus on, you’re in for a more prosperous time

✓I will strive to respond to every lead that crosses my desk within 24 hours at the longest.
✓ I will follow up on every maintenance work order that happens on my property.
✓ I will commit to sending either an email, handwritten note, making a phone call, or otherwise somehow following up with each and every tour I give this year.
✓ I will shut off my computer screen when I sit down to have a conversation with a resident or prospective resident.

✓ When I work with residents or prospects, I will not stay behind my desk, but rather sit with them, side by side.
✓ I will take time to eat lunch away from my desk as often as possible.
✓ I will read one new book every month that is somehow connected to my professional development
✓ I will attend a training class (online, in person, or downloaded) at least once a quarter.
✓ I will get involved with a local networking group and with my local Apartment Association.
✓ I realize I need to be focused on my goals as well as take care of myself so I can accomplish them!
✓ I will make sure I keep a notebook of my accomplishments so I can readily refer to it before meetings with my boss or in an interview.


When a prospective resident comes to tour your property, we suggest that you treat it like a date. You don’t have to meet them with flowers and candy, but just like you wouldn’t show up for a date with messy hair or dirty clothes on, you must make sure that your sales presentation is dressed to impress! Here are a few questions any future resident will take into account on their potential “date”

• Does my date (your property) have good hygiene?
• Check for funky smells – Does the property smell like vanilla, home baked cookies, or clean and fresh linen, or does it reek like the bottom of a foot with a side of mold? Make sure every step of your sales tour is appealing to a sense of smell. If all else fails, “clean” always smells good.
• Looking clean does matter – Are there stains on the carpet? Are the blinds dusty, or the curtains dingy? Are the windows covered in smudges? Cleanliness may not be next to godliness, but it’s certainly not an optional part of your sales presentation.
• Is my date dressed in attractive manner? Dressing like a grandmother will not get you very far, unless your target market is a grandfather – It’s better to show an empty
apartment than one that isn’t dressed to attract your target demographic.
• Does this date have anything more interesting to talk about than my other dates? Standing out isn’t optional, it’s mandatory! – We’re not suggesting that you embrace the pick-up artistry technique of peacocking, but make sure that those who come to your property have some reason to remember you. Was it something that you said? Something
that you did? Some special small touch in your model unit? Give them a reason to remember you enough to call you back.
• Does my date have good manners? It’s the bare minimum, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it – Call when you say you will. Be ready for appointments on time. Let them get a word in edgewise. You know, the typical actions that you’d expect of a good date.
• Do I have anything in common with my date? Make sure this is a good match – Good dates include parties who match in culture, values, and common interests. At the end of the day, we are really matching people up with homes, and we really have to make sure that we are doing everything we can to meet our “date’s” needs, even if that includes referring them to one of our sister properties.