Goals for the New Year!


Take a few minutes to determine your “hoops” (goals) for this year and do a bit towards them every day. Success – you can taste it!

Setting Goals

1. Ask yourself, “Do I really want this?”
2. Is this goal consistent with your beliefs and other goals?
3. Can you really commit yourself to this goal or is it wishful thinking?
4. If you achieve this goal, will it really make you happy? If you answer “yes” to these four questions, proceed!

Think about:
5. Is the goal really yours or is someone else pushing you to do it?
6. If you can’t “own” it, you won’t get there.
7. Will your work towards this goal take you away from work on your other goals?
8. Can you see yourself succeeding and achieving this goal?

After your reach the goal, will you…
9. Be happier?
10. Be a better person?
11. Be easier to get along with at work and at home?
12. Sleep better at night?
13. Feel better about yourself?
14. Make your life easier?

Increase Your Productivity RIGHT NOW
1. What are you going to do to improve your industry and product knowledge this year?
2. How do you plan to stay on top of all of those follow up (and thank you) tasks that are piling up in your in-box?
3. What are three things you can do this year to make your current customers feel more valued? This will lead to higher customer retention.
4. What new sales twist can you add to your presentation to help you close deals more quickly?
5. How will you motivate yourself to do your job better? On a daily basis? Weekly basis? Monthly basis?
6. How will you motivate those around you to do their jobs better? On a daily basis? Weekly basis? Monthly basis?
7. What are you going to do this week to improve your leasing skills?
8. What are you going to do this week to improve your customer service skills?
9. What are you going to do this week to improve your leadership skills?
10. What are you going to do this week to increase resident referrals?
11. What is one thing you do each day that wastes time? How can you eliminate this time-sucker?
12. How are you going to evaluate yourself (on a daily, weekly and monthly basis) to make sure you are achieve your goals?

Remember YOU are in the driver’s seat to your own destiny!