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Follow-Up Tips

Follow Up Tips

Studies have shown the more you follow up, the more you’re apt to make the sale. Always, always ask for permission to follow up, as well as for the best method to follow up (phone, text, email, etc.).

If you make an appointment with a prospect, follow up and confirm the appointment. It is perfectly acceptable to follow up on the morning of the appointment as a reminder. “Hi Joe! I’m looking forward to seeing you today at 1 p.m. Our first stop will be the 2BR overlooking the pool I mentioned yesterday. I’ve included directions to our community. See you at 1 p.m.”

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Apartment All Stars’ Complete Guide To Leasing

The much-anticipated book by apartment veterans Mindy Williams, Lisa Trosien, Kate Good, Doug Chasick, Jackie Ramstedt, Toni Blake, Heather Blume and Pete Regules is here!  Everything you’ve wanted to know about leasing apartments is in this book.  Buy it here by clicking on the BOOK tab or go to and search for Apartment All Stars.

Here is a quick excerpt of the Overcoming Objections chapter:

Seven Tips on How to Overcome the Competition

Here are some steps to help you blow past the competition:

1. Evaluate the marketplace. Know your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your competition.

2. How can you differentiate yourself and your product? How are YOU better? List two here:

3. If you aren’t better, become better. Develop a merchant program where local businesses give your residents discounts.

Invite a nail technician to your fitness center, clubhouse, office or vacant apartment. Make sure your internet is the fastest possible speed and is accessible over as much of the community as possible. Expand your service hours. Do whatever it takes.

4. Ask residents and prospects what they want. Our office at Rent and Retain gets many calls asking us what to give to prospects and residents as leasing and renewal incentives. The truth is; we don’t know! Residents in Arizona may want water misters on their patios while in Minnesota that’s a ridiculous  giveaway. Ask, ask, ask your prospects and residents what they want as move-in incentives, move-in gifts and renewal gifts.

5. Continue to thank them! If your residents think you’re taking their business for granted, and they can get a better deal elsewhere, they will be history.

6. Get better at your job. Learn more. Do more. Research more. Read more. This only helps you become more valuable. There are many free ideas out there for property management

professionals. Rent & Retain’s website ( and Facebook page ( also have free posts weekly on how to increase your occupancy and make your life better.

7. The best advice: Nothing changes if nothing changes. Get out there and find out what needs to be done. This will help you in job security, higher occupancy and hopefully an easier workday.

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Balloon Banter – Is it Time to Let ‘Em Go?


In case you couldn’t already tell by the increasing bills from your provider, our world is facing a shortage of a very common gas: Helium. Even though it’s the second most abundant element in the universe, it’s getting harder and hard to find here on Earth, and, according to Popular Mechanics*, by the year 2020, the federal reserve of helium that has crucial industrial applications for things like MRIs (it’s the only element we have that can keep the magnets cool enough at the right stability for the medical imaging technology to work) will be all but depleted.

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