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Marketing Custom Paint Choices

If you offer residents and prospects the choice of paint color, do this idea. Ask them to bring in a pillow from their couch or bed, or their duvet cover or their curtains or even a favorite painting. Match the pain to the prospect’s already existing color scheme. They’ll be more vested to lease with you since their stuff already matches the apartment!

Marketing to Families

For the families interested in becoming residents, have a list of the extra curricular activities that are available at the local junior high and high school. This will help ease the transition for both the parents and child. Parents will appreciate the focus on the children that you demonstrate and will feel more comfortable renting at your community.

Visualize Your Way To Sales

Visualization helps replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Visualize yourself being open, friendly and making the sale. Write down your sales goal on a sheet of paper, and put it by your phone. Close your eyes and visualize the number of the sales goal on the piece of paper. KNOW you will achieve it!

Rent & Retain Magazine’s April, May, June 2014

Rent & Retain Magazine’s April, May, June 2014 issue has been mailed.

Hey- speaking of issues, our newest issue, the April, May, June issue has been mailed. If you haven’t gotten it in the mail yet, you will in the next 5 days. This one features all of this and more:

Seven Secrets to
Generating More Likes On Instagram
page 5

The Ethics of Excellence by Alex Jackiw
page 12

What Other Managers Are Doing
pages 6-7

Fair Housing Reminder
page 9

The 4 “P’s” of Sales Credo
page 18

First Impressions – make ’em better pages 32-33.

Our Award-Winning Calendars of Leasing, Marketing, Facebook and Retention Promotions, starts on page 20

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