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5 Minute Tasks to Boost Your Sales & Retention


Sometimes days can be completely crazy, and we get the urge to fill those minutes of downtime with checking Facebook, so we have made a list of seven small tasks that take roughly 5 minutes to complete that will help your organization, sales, retention, and career growth efforts. If you get a short lull in your day, grab one of these tasks and make the most of those minutes!

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Industry Trends Spring 2016



Upcycling is taking an old object and turning it into something new and use-ful — like cutting a t-shirt into strips of fabric — and then making a wreath or blanket out of the fabric.  The upcycled item is normally better than the original… thus, the UP in upcycle.

Host a Chalk Painting Party where residents bring old pieces of furniture and paint them “new” with chalk paint. Wood pallets are really great materials for upcycling.  Google “Wood pallet projects” to get literally 2 million ideas.

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30 Day Challenge To Passion, Purpose and Profit


A 30 day challenge is a great way to force yourself out of your comfort zone and revamp how you do your job, improve personal skills and work towards your life’s purpose. Why 30 days? Because in 30 days you can literally change something important but it’s also short enough to be totally manageable (I can DO this for 30 days!). Try it and you’ll find you are 30 days away from being a better leader, a better sales person (what if your goal was to make one sales call a day for 30 days?), have higher resident retention, inspire your team members (what if your goal was to email teams a fast idea/tip every day to help them do their jobs better?) or eat healthier/ be a better listener/ start a blog, learn the basics of a new language or have your waistband be looser in 30 days?

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Can You Detect When Someone is Lying to You?


This book was published in 2011 but you can find the author’s Ted talk on the Internet. I recently came across it again and I must say, it is fascinating! Studies show that the average person gets lied to 200 times a day. Wow! You, our dear manager and leasing consultant, probably know this to be true since you come into contact with customers and future customers daily. A selling point for the book is that the research was meticulous: only data which was confirmed by more than one study was included. Here are some great tips for sales people, both new and experienced, to learn from. Continue Reading →

Rub-A-Dub-Dub There’s a Dog In the Tub

Dog in the Tub

Among the newest amenities for residents is a Dog Washing Station (or area) at your community. Many of us don’t have the space for it. But if you like the idea, ask your local Petco if they have a Self Serve Dog Wash. For just $10, they supply the shampoo, conditioner, towels and aprons. The tub height is designed for your ergonomic comfort and the tubs hold pint-size to super-size pups.

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Follow-Up Tips

Follow Up Tips

Studies have shown the more you follow up, the more you’re apt to make the sale. Always, always ask for permission to follow up, as well as for the best method to follow up (phone, text, email, etc.).

If you make an appointment with a prospect, follow up and confirm the appointment. It is perfectly acceptable to follow up on the morning of the appointment as a reminder. “Hi Joe! I’m looking forward to seeing you today at 1 p.m. Our first stop will be the 2BR overlooking the pool I mentioned yesterday. I’ve included directions to our community. See you at 1 p.m.”

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Rethinking Your Yearly Evals

Rethinking Your Yearly Evals

In a lot of respects it doesn’t make sense to review your performance (or a team member’s performance) only once a year.

A new trend is doing quarterly evaluations. If your company doesn’t do quarterly evals, perhaps do one on yourself. Reviewing where you are and where you are going four times a year will really help direct where you end up.

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Making the Most of a Small Apartment Marketing Budget


Below, we go over three ways to market your apartment for under $100!

Apartment managers have a lot on their plate. From troubleshooting and housekeeping for units in their community, to actually finding new residents and ensuring that occupancy stays high, the list of responsibilities for an apartment manager can seem daunting, even to the most dedicated! Now, picture a moment where you’re really put to the test: How can you attract community members to engage with the property to help build your brand and ensure you keep events packed and units occupied? Today, we explore three potential ways to draw traffic to events in the immediate area and build a loyal following through events. Don’t worry— the marketing budget for each of these ideas is no more than $100.00!

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What’s Up In Apps!


Management: Evernote

Evernote dons an adorable elephant logo and packs a big punch to managing all of the little bits and pieces of information that cannot be lost. This app shines when it’s linked to its desktop and mobile capabilities: a web clipper for online notes, notebooks for organizing recipes and receipts, tags for searching, and more.

Simply create a notebook for any project and begin filling the pages with all of the information you need (without using a single piece of paper)! Planning resident events has never been easier.

Cost: Free

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Bring it On! Getting Your Game Face Ready For A Lease-Up Challenge


Nothing says “welcome home” like a nail in your tire, painters scaling your balcony and concrete trucks at 6am. If this sounds familiar, you might have worked – or lived – on a new development. It’s not always glamorous, but seeing a property rise from an empty plot of dirt to a thriving community can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have the chance to be a part of.

But in today’s flourishing world of new construction, it’s more critical than ever that PMC’s (Property Mgmt Cos) have a credible playbook; one that not only meets and exceeds owner expectations, but has the capability to set a new standard in the market. Everyone wants to be on the A-Team, and these are just a few of my tips to ensure you get there:

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