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Is Your Clubhouse Selling For You?

Is your clubhouse selling for you

At the center of many apartment communities across the country you will find the apartment community clubhouse — commonly utilized as a sales, center, management office, resident amenity utopia and general command center. Some of these buildings are quite ornate and over the top, designed for a “wow” factor. Others are more simplistic, and utilized primarily for business functions. Either way, if you have the building, the question to ask, is “How is this area selling for us?”

What kinds of things should we consider?

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Merchandising Marketer – Give Your Model Appeal


One of the biggest mistakes this merchandising marketer sees in her travels is a lack of target market appeal in model merchandising. It’s pretty. It’s nice. And it’s oh so boring. In an attempt to appeal to everyone, the “safe” model ends up being memorable to no one. Instead of focusing on making sure we don’t turn anyone off, it’s time to start thinking about turning people on. We’ll start with the Generation Y.

To appeal to Gen Y, (for anyone that has been residing in cave, they’re about 18 to 33 right now), it’s important to understand and speak to what they value in a brand.

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