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Your Closing Techniques – Tools Not Weapons


Years ago I visited a car dealership after seeing that they had two demo cars advertised at a reduced price. I didn’t really need a new vehicle immediately, but was going to be in the market within the next year. My current car was purchased from this dealership, so I knew their service department was excellent. The saleswoman, Joy, was charming and had recently taken the sales job after being a fan of the make for years and being challenged by friends to try selling it herself. We took a test drive, and I was mildly interested. She asked if I’d like to fill out an application to see if I’d qualify for preferred financing, so I did. All was going perfectly fine until I said I’d like to think about it. Then The Manager became part of the process. “So,” The Manager said, “we’d like to see you in this car, and we’d like to see this happen for Joy.” Okay, I thought, Joy’s a nice gal, but I’m not going to buy a car just to make her happy. He continued, “We can offer you this great interest rate today, but not if we wait until tomorrow.” I looked at The Manager and told him “Urgency is a great closing technique, and I train people how to use it. But today is Saturday, and there’s no reason that the same interest rate won’t be available to me tomorrow.” He looked at the floor and said “You’re right.”

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Sales Tip: Ditching Don Draper – Writing Ad Copy that Works!


“Well applianced kitchens include a self-cleaning oven, self-defrosting refrigerator and a dishwasher for easy living in a busy world.” That is a feature-benefit statement on an apartment community website. In 2014. After reading this, in disbelief, I shared it with my multifamily housing friends to see if they found it as peculiar as I did. One responded, “Who wrote this? Don Draper?” (Don Draper is an advertising exec on the TV show Mad Men.)

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