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Leadership – It’s All in the Cheeseburger


Last week I sat at the lunch counter at a local San Francisco burger café. I was having an out of body experience enjoying the most intense, juicy, delicious mouth watering cheeseburger of my life. Without realizing, I became hypnotized watching the lead Line Cook. The hustle and chatter of the café, coffee pots clanging and the vocals of Buddy Holly suddenly faded to silence. Like a slow motion movie scene he was a master of hyper-tasking and orchestrated seven
individual cooks into a fluid dance of co-dependant intertwined steps creating the most delicious cheeseburger one will ever taste. My admiration grew witnessing his ability to call upon each cook and in turn their instant response to him without ever looking away at their station. At times cooks would take over other stations to maintain this rhythmic flow of energy, as they instinctively understood how each step was dependant on the other. Each individual, yet when combined through teamwork, together create a culinary masterpiece.

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