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There’s Still a Place for High Touch Marketing


Our industry has become heavily focused on digital marketing and social media to bring in traffic. It’s definitely become a high-tech world out there, not only in apartment management but in all other parts of the business world as well.  However, there is an argument to be made that humans still crave high touch interactions. Our residents certainly expect it. Our marketing plans should also include a particular high touch technique that’s proven to be effective in generating traffic and keeping your brand in front of the customer. It’s an old-fashioned strategy called outreach marketing.

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How Well Do You Know Your Residents?


A number of years ago my staff was leasing up a brand new 256-unit apartment community in suburban Dayton, Ohio. Included in the unit mix were 60 very small one-bedroom-one-bath floor plans that had less than 450 square feet of space. We called them “one-one-juniors.” When we sat down to strategize about how best to market those small apartments we decided that the most likely resident would be a first time renter — probably a young person straight out of college starting their first job, without a lot of furniture or other household items. So we set up mini-models with bar stools at the kitchen counter, place mats and silverware, shower curtains and matching bath towels. We did outreach in areas frequented by young professionals and even sponsored a happy hour at a local night spot. Several months later we had leased just over twenty of the 60 apartments and then our leasing momentum came to a grinding halt. While we were doing well on the other floor plans at the property, we just couldn’t move anymore of the one-one-juniors.

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Don’t You Wish More Residents Complained?

Wish More Residents Complained

Don’t you wish that more of your residents complained? Seriously??? The most important thing that we can do to help with resident retention is to encourage our residents to let us know when something is wrong so that we can make it right! We have to find ways to encourage our residents to give us feedback and let us know when they are unhappy. It’s the only way that we can correct problems and resolve issues for our valued customers.

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The Ethics of Excellence


To be a truly excellent, well-respected company in the real estate industry, the integrity of an organization must be beyond reproach. How can we achieve that? WE CAN NEVER BE SOMETHING THAT OUR PEOPLE ARE NOT. Each and every one of us must be responsible for acting ethically – with fairness, objectivity, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and trust – AND within the context of what’s legal and moral.

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