5 Things to do to Positively Impact Your Online Reputation


We chatted with FPI Management’s Jill McNiesh, Social Media & Reputation Manager for the Pacific Northwest, and asked her for 5 things a property can do to directly and positively impact their online reputation management efforts.

Jill’s List

article-reputation-sidebar1. Claim all possible local listings and enhance them with photos, videos, testimonials, and additional information such as office hours, a link to your website, and your contact information.

2. Check the “Rants & Raves” section on Craigslist to be sure your property isn’t listed there. Also, take a quick look for your comps. You might be surprised what you find!

3. As long as you’re looking for your comps on Rants & Raves, you might as well also look at your competition’s Craigslist posts. You should always know what their current focus is because often times they aim their marketing at reputation issues they may have or issues your property may have.

4. Set up a Google alert for your property so you are notified when people post about your property online. Set alerts for your property’s name, but also common misspellings, and your competition’s names and common misspellings. You can do this at www.google.com/alerts – and it’s FREE!

5. Check your comps on all ratings & review sites – what are their strengths, weaknesses, and biggest complaints?